About Irrgrønn

00D8-500x500Irrgrønn Productions is an Irish run, Oslo based production company.

We seek to celebrate all things great on  both the contemporary Irish and Norwegian art scene.

Irrgrønn is the greenish shade copper turns over time. The name was chosen as a reference to the recent convulsive period in Irish history. The country moved through a period of Celtic Tiger extravagance and ostentation, on to an economic crisis, and is now emerging as a more reflective society, just as copper begins as a shining, superficially alluring substance, decays with time, and finally emerges with a more complex and interesting colour: Irrgrønn.



Who we are  Sam McManus and Claire Mc Aree are both from Ireland and currently live in Oslo. They care passionately about the arts in Ireland and are on a mission to ensure that Norway experiences the best of the country’s vibrant literary scene and to promote the exchange of ideas between the two countries.



Claire Mc Aree Festival Director Irrgrønn Oslo 2014      Dr Sam McManus Festival Director Irrgrønn Oslo


Contact us

mcareeclaire@gmail.com  / 0047 483 48 847

drsammcmanus@gmail.com / 0047 464 27 173