Current projects

Spring, 2018

Irrgrønn – A Day of Ideas, March 3rd 2018.

Join us at Litteraturhuset, Oslo for a Day of Ideas. The day will explore ideas from literature, technology, touching on the future of politics in the shadow of the online rise of the alt right, questions of technologically enabled immortality, the inescapability of the past, in reality and in fiction, and the particular as universal.

Readings, public interviews, children´s events and public classes and film screenings will be held throughout the day. We are also running a Flash Fiction Competition ahead of the day!


Irrgrønn is currently working on a large scale music and television project taking place in March 2017 inside the Arctic Circle. Details to be announced shortly.

Irrgrønn Northern Lights Spring 2017

Irrgrønn Northern Lights Spring 2017